The Goddess Vesta presides over the well being of families, or communities that live under one roof. She protects the sanctity of the home as a retreat and sanctuary from the outside world, a place where, ideally, we would feel safe, relaxed and valued by those who share our living space. Vesta represents the warmth of material shelter as well as the warmth of human company when friends and family gather. She is good to invoke to keep harmony in a household, and to bring good fortune into the home. In honoring Vesta, we are actually attending to the needs of the household, and ourselves, and making sacred the space in which we are "rooted"or have a base.  Vesta's symbols are the flame and the hearth-stone.   

                                                                                                                             Origin: Italy-Roman Goddess                                        

    Vesta is a Tobacco/Vape and Scent Free environment  


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