Vesta is a tobacco free environment    

Our goal is to create a safe environment with supportive and empowering programming to assist women in their recovery process.  Vesta offers a continuum of care in an abstinence-based setting which incorporates the following elements.

Vesta’s Residential Addictions Program provides the opportunity for a woman to develop a treatment plan to match her individual goals. The acronym RAP is descriptive of how our treatment modules “wrap” around each other to provide Best Practice women centred programming to all of the clients who attend our residential setting.

This integrated programming approach allows women to attend our short-term treatment, which would be a stay of five weeks. This phase of our treatment program includes Intake and Discharge Planning, stabilization, group dynamics, education and Relapse Prevention I for a total of 80 hours. Imbedded in this residential setting is a comprehensive Life skills program consisting of 75 hours; and, the Personal Business and recreation modules consisting of 100 hours. 

During this treatment period should an individual re-assess her goals she may request to participate in the next stage of our program where she can build on her successes. All women have the opportunity to complete Phase II of our residential program, which offers 74 additional hours of intensive and educational groups; and, Relapse Prevention II. While in Phase II, the women maintain their participation in the Life skills, Personal Business and Recreation modules, increasing their total experiential hours. This extended program is designed to provide opportunities to practice life style changes and increase the success of integrating their skill development into on-going maintenance tools. 

Women completing the short-term and Phase II stage will have completed 12 weeks of programming.



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